Thai Express Textile's speciality lies in fabric dyeing for knitted cotton fabric. Our vast experience of working with various types of cotton fused with a fast growing portfolio of 12,000 colours provide customization and flexibility for our customers. Equipped with the best and proven technology in our colour LAB and advanced dyeing machines allow us to produce a quality driven end product that meets international standards. With over 20 years of expertise in fabric finishes of all types of knitted cotton textiles, the company can create a multitude of finishes to assure market demand.


  • Equipped with a computerized matching and dyeing system, enables us to deliver accurate results for our customers.
  • Dyeing samples are produced speedily and promptly to keep pace with the changing trends in fashion and the textiles market.
  • Our in-house researchers continuously develop new innovative dyeing technologies aimed at delivering the best colour quality.


  • Advanced and highly efficient dyeing machines are computerized to achieve maximum colour consistency for every batch of textile.
  • Our advanced machines and sophisticated dyeing process can prevent any damages on the natural structure of the fabric that may arise during the dyeing process. This results in an increased level of fine natural texture and superior quality.
  • Various dyeing machine sizes are available to support our customer's needs and economic requirements.


  • Upon requests from the customers, a multitude of different finishes can be applied on the fabric through the use of high quality chemicals that meets global standards.
  • Through care and delicate finishing process, together with cutting-edge technology incorporated in the machines enable us to assign precise fabric shrinkage based on the customer's needs.
  • Our various machine sizes can handle any fabric width from 16 up to 51 inches.